Drunk Driving Has, Overall, Subsided as a National Habit.

Driving under influence is one of the main problems in most cities across the world. While the penalties may differ with every region, most of the time the person charged with DUI may end up in jail. As such, it’s important to have a good lawyer to represent you.

Make a list

The first step in finding a good lawyer is coming up with a shortlist of potential lawyers. Ask for recommendations from people you trust or use a lawyer you’ve associated with before. The list is important because it allows you to compare the skills of each lawyer which in turn increases your chances of ending up with the best defense. There are many Orange County DUI lawyers you can choose from to create a small list.

Confirm qualifications

One of the worst things you can do is hire a lawyer who has faced some ethical or legal issues. You should make sure you confirm that the lawyers are still qualified to practice law. Check whether they are licensed within your state and has not been disbarred. You should also make sure they have had some experience handling criminal or DUI cases. This will show you that they know what to do to get you the best possible results. You can also find out the law school they attended or check their social media accounts to find out more about them.

Personal meeting

Meeting the lawyers in person will help you assess them closely. Even though you may have researched their experience initially, it’s still better to ask them about it. Bring up facts about your case and find out how the lawyer reacts and plans for the defense. Choose the attorney you’re most comfortable with. The lawyer should also have great communication skills and should be able to explain their strategy clearly without using technical jargon. Make sure you can trust them. It’s okay to bring some writing materials for the meeting to make it easier for you to remember each lawyer’s abilities. You should be able to make a decision about which lawyer to hire at the end of that meeting.

Don’t ignore the fee

Orange County DUI lawyers charge different prices and this makes it easier for you to choose one who fits within your budget. Ask about the fees before you sign a contract and don’t be afraid of negotiating. Let the lawyer break down the fees to make it easier to understand and ask if you can be allowed to pay in installments.


With these tips, you should find a good Orange County DUI lawyer easily. Many law firms there have competent and experienced lawyers who can keep you out of jail.

Drunk Driving Has, Overall, Subsided as a National Habit.